About SOCO

Southern Colorado (SOCO) began in the summer of 2016 as a project to bring community awareness to the surrounding counties as an opportunity for rural tourism in the southern region of Colorado.

  Pueblo Riverwalk

Pueblo Riverwalk

SOCO was a group project built from creative minds of the Southern Rockies Crossroads of Cultures board of directors. The board created SOCO as a means to come together with other counties, known as "Canyons & Plains" that encompass six other counties all within the far quarter of Colorado, in hopes to increase more opportunity for economic development and promoting tourism. 

The state of Colorado is a destination for tourists around the world. It is recognized as a top destination offering beauty and wonder, from the majestic mountainous landscape to the recreational opportunities offered in every county of Colorado. There is however, more as it is also built upon unique heritage, culture and agritourism experiences that encompass more of the state beginning in the southern portion of Colorado. The far quarter of Colorado is enjoyed by all for it's amazing beauty, enrichment and an exciting encounter that embraces many opportunities. 



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